Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rim Light

3 in 1

Up Close
Color Harmony


Fade + Raise Grey Hue
Fade + Cool Filter
Saturation + Contrast + Sepia
Vibrance + Contrast + Cool Filter
Lighten + Definition
Purple Hue + Lighten + Fade
Lighten + Fade + Green Hue
Darken + Contrast + Saturation + Blue Hue
B & W + Contrast
B & W + Fade + Lighten

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Social Justice and Peace in the World

          In my eyes, the world is full of different paths and opportunities, whether big or small. From birth, our actions determine what path we choose and which opportunities we take advantage of. Some people are lucky enough to have people or things handed to them, that make choosing the "right path" easier. Others, have no other choice but to choose the "wrong path." To me, there is no right or wrong path. That is just all based on opinion and ridiculous societal standards. Some people's wrong path can be other's right path. This whole concept is what makes the world such a confusing place. This is also why so many people have identity issues and choose a group of people to be with just to be able to say that they belong to something, even if it is not the best place for them. Everyone wants to just be a part of something and sometimes these groups people want to be a part of can lead them into trouble. That is just the risk that they take when they choose their path and take their opportunity. I feel that life is too short to be a part of something that brings so much tragedy and hardship upon someone, but I stand behind the fact that people are loyal and stick to their true beliefs and what is important to them. If that means being a part of something that can potentially even be looked down upon, in terms of societal standards, then so be it. 
          In my photo, I address this idea that once someone picks a group to be a part of, they carry on anything that comes with the group as well. For example, when someone decides that they need to start taking a certain medicine, they accept that they will have to deal with the side effects as well. To make this view clear, my picture is showing how deciding to be in a gang (specifically with the Crips and Bloods) can lead to many hardships. The point is emphasizing the idea that if someone decides to be a part of something, they should stand strongly behind it and accept the consequences that might come with it. If someone decides to be a part of a gang, they could live a completely happy life, although they have a larger target on their backs and this could lead to gang rivalry and police brutality as well. I hope that my viewers are left with the message that if they decide to be a part of a group in society, they carry everything with them that corresponds with the group. For example, Kim Kardashian became famous as a result of a sex tape, and just because her children are her children and still associate themselves with her, they will forever be associated with her sex tape as well and get the same publicity that their mom does. 
          Whether the "group" is a family, a school, a gang, a company, anything, with it comes labels and consequences. Once one is a part of a group, a target is drawn on their back and someone will always be after them. This just reiterates the idea that one should be able to stick behind their group, stay loyal and have the same (or at least similar enough to stick with them), strong core beliefs no matter what or who comes after them in a negative way. The world can be a fun place and people can live happy lives, they just need to know the ins and outs of society. As for Hallmark 3 "we educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in our world," it can be hard to digest. Like I said before, these types of things all can changed just based on different opinions. One's form of "justice and peace" might be different from another's. Depending on what group we talk about, they will have their own way of teaching their younger generation or new addition members on their views of justice and peace in the world and how to live by it and act on it. There is not one right way to educate and live through justice and peace in the world. There are many ways, which is why our world has so many wars and controversies. The clashing of opinion creates problems and it is sad that people cannot even at least be tolerable of one another's beliefs. I hope that this poster will at least get the message to people that people should be respected as individuals and that they have the right to do their own thing and believe whatever they want to believe.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Breadth & Quality Ideas

Here are some pictures that I have taken and am thinking about using for the Breadth and Quality sections of my AP Portfolio